Meet our staff: Henrietta Kadi Tettey-Ku

At Teledata, there is so much more to our staff than what you may pick up in a quick conversation with them on the phone! We love to profile our many staff members, so our customers get a truer sense of who they are dealing with. This week, meet Henrietta Kadi Tettey-Ku.

Known affectionately through the office as Hetti, Henrietta Kadi Tettey-Ku is one of our inside sales rep at Teledata.

What do you do at Teledata?

Sitting alongside her teammates, Hetti explains what her job is.

As she puts it: “Being an inside sales rep, my task is to assist clients when they call in, and they want internet services. What we do is, before we connect the client we have to conduct a site survey. We have to know the location the customer is calling from, so we work with Google Maps. We ask them to send in their coordinates to get exactly where the customer is to be able to assist them to give them a better service.”

At Teledata we love Google Maps, we use it to find out where our customers want to be connected and to show them where we currently are – this is especially useful as we further rollout our ultra fast and ultra reliable Fiber Internet service.

What do you do for fun?

When she’s not working at Teledata, you can find Hetti checking out fabrics at the market, or looking online for inspiration.

“Aside from my work life at Teledata I love cooking, I love listening to music, shopping online. I love fashion as well. So in my free time, I log onto Instagram, and I check out some fashion and try to put something together.
“What I like about fashion is the designs and fabric. Fashion makes me go crazy! I am a fashion freak! I like dresses. When I see designs I want, I log online and find out more about that design then get one for myself!”


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