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There is nothing any company offers today that is not impacted by technology. However, it cannot be expected that every company that wants to embrace technology, must play the entire active role in its deployment of a particular technology. Instead, outsourcing has become a more viable option in the hands of companies’ decision makers who want to maintain their areas of specialty in today’s competitive business world.

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The Place of the Internet in Event Management

The craving for internet access by most people, irrespective of where they find themselves, has made it imperative for event management companies to take advantage of satisfying their clients through the provision of high-speed internet connection at events venues.

As a significant player in the Event Management industry, we know you will not want to be left behind in adopting a new development if it has the potential to make the first movers, the event managers of choice among customers, most especially among clients with multiple events in a year. Such organizers will always want to give their guests and attendees a relishing experience.

A reliable internet and Wi-Fi connections require a team of experienced and dedicated network engineers using the latest state-of-the-art technological equipment to achieve quality connection. It will not be strategic for an event manager to tie down resources to accomplish that on its own. And that is why we have brought this solution that we think is a win-win to both parties.

Event Organiser

A World Class Internet Solution for Your Events

To deliver high-speed and reliable WiFi internet of high-quality, uninterrupted live streaming services, Teledata will provide you and your events technical, operational, marketing, and billing solutions as they relate to paid WiFi and live streaming services. We offer you a one-stop solution to help improve your company’s ability to serve its customers better through:

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Internet Fiber Connection at Select Venues

we provide you fiber connections at the selected site, with ultra-fast Internet and unlimited data for thousands of users and devices at the same time.

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WiFi and Wired Local Connections

we provide extensive WiFi Coverage (no black spots – full bar in all areas) and Manage thousands of users and devices.

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Event Management Software

capable of sending invitations to guests for an event, enable them to carry out a registration, provide them with check-in details, name badges as well as integrate with SMS broadcast, Voice Broadcast, CRM, and much more.

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Captive Web Portal Page

control users access – registered or anonymous user access:
– Creating user profiles (time, data)
– Hybrid billing (free, paid)
– Page branding and advertising
– Whitelist sponsor web site

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Video Live Streaming

Video live stream is published to your website and live to social media. Stream your event to millions of viewers in HD quality on mobile, tablet, computer, smart TV, and many more devices.

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free and paid packages. The free option consists of an e-mail blast to Teledata’s list of 20 thousand subscribers and 120 thousand social media followers, while the paid option gives Voice broadcast and SMS broadcast.

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We are on-site to offer technical service desk and support. We also provide Real-time network monitoring

How Big Is Your Event?

You have three packages to choose from. Should you need any assistance in making the decisions that will guarantee a successful event at the best price, our sales representatives are on hand to recommend one of the available packages

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