Fiber To The Premise

Sick of your slow internet connection? Save your time and stress. Get unlimited data at blazing fast speeds of up to 100Mbps through our Fiber To The Home and Fiber To The Business Internet service.


What is Fiber To The Premise?

Fiber To The Premise Internet is a new, faster way of accessing the internet for your business and Home. Fiber Internet lines send data by light through cutting-edge technology, making it a lot faster than cable or wireless internet. Many countries around the world have been enjoying this, and now with Teledata ICT, Ghana has joined them.

Why do I want it?

It’s incredibly fast, it’s unlimited and very competitively priced. With our Fiber Internet Standard you can share files with colleagues quickly. Keep your data backed up on the cloud, and connect with contacts through Ghana and across the world without video calls dropping.


What can I do with Fiber Internet?

With your unlimited data, your small business or office can comfortably…

Browse the Internet

Enjoy blazing fast speeds while exploring the web.

Update Social Media

Keep your fans on social media informed, like, post, share and scroll away.

Check Email

Check your email, there will be no excuses that you didn't get that work mail.

Learn Online

You don’t need to leave Ghana to improve your knowledge. You and your staff can upgrade your skills through online courses.

Keep Connected

You can effectively use remote desktop connections without the pain of a lost connection

Beat The Competition

Stand out in Ghana. With a faster and more reliable connection, you will be able to respond to queries quickly, and send data efficiently.

How fast is unlimited 100Mb?

The higher the number of Mbps (megabits per second) you have, the faster your online activity should be. Anything over 24Mbps is considered super fast. We are offering you up to 100Mbps, both upload and download…and you have unlimited data.

100Mb Teledata Fiber Internet 0
25Mb Broadband Internet 0
10Mb Broadband Internet 0
5Mb Broadband Internet 0
1Mb Broadband Internet 0

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