Meet our staff : Michael Afriyie – Customer Service Representative

Michael Afriyie is part of our stellar Customer Service team here at Teledata. As a Customer Service Representative Michael works hard to resolve any issues our customers may have with their service and answers questions they may pose.

He has been working at Teledata since September 2015.

“The experience has been great! It’s a great family team. We are all very passionate about customer satisfaction,” Michael says with a smile.

“I’ve been really educated here, and I am gaining so much experience when it comes to building good customer relationships.”

What is the secret to excellent customer service?

So much of being good at customer service is about listening to what a client has to say, and this is something Michael is especially good at.

“To be able to solve any issue for the customer, I listen to what they say. I make sure I understand completely. We all know how frustrating it is to try to explain an issue and not be heard! So to build good customer relations, I believe listening is the key.”

He has also come to appreciate the good timekeeping skills the company promotes.

At Teledata, we know how valuable your time is, so we don’t want to waste it!

“We are very particular about our time. Everything we do, we ensure that it is done within a timeframe. This has made me time-conscious now.”

When Michael isn’t at Teledata helping out our thousands of customers, he loves to play basketball. He got hooked on the game when he was at school and is a huge fan of legendary player Michael Jordan.

Michael will often seek out basketball game online and follow teams of Facebook, where he loves to look at their skills and then try to copy them on the courts of Accra!

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