Why You Need a Traffic Analyser

Why You Need a Traffic Analyser. You may have subscribed to the right package for your business, you are getting the required bandwidth from your ISP, your devices are working optimally to provide you with high-speed internet, yet whenever you check your service or try to use the internet it is unbelievably slow.

Here is one reason why simply put the network is not being used productively. It might be time, you had your ISP install a traffic analyser to monitor your consumption and determine why the service is so slow.

Why You Need a Traffic Analyser. Employees with access to the internet could be using it for streaming and downloading HD movies and music, playing online games, spending productive hours on social media all eventually clogging up the network, inadvertently causing it to be slow when required for actual work.

With a traffic analyser you can monitor what the network is being used for, which apps are consuming the most bandwidth, and if you are exceeding your bandwidth on might be time for an upgrade.

Why You Need a Traffic Analyser. Should you find that the bandwidth is being wasted on streaming, downloading, gaming and surfing social media you could have them blocked. This would allow you to maximise your bandwidth for work productivity and ultimately save you money spent on continuously upgrading your bandwidth.

American International school currently enjoys high speed dedicated fiber internet from Teledata ICT and has the added benefit of having a traffic analyser installed to monitor how and what the internet is being used for.

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