How Teledata uses Google G Suite

We love Google G Suite here at Teledata. Every member of our staff has an account which is linked to our Teledata website. So whenever we send an email – you will see it is from

This adds a level of cohesiveness and professionalism we want other businesses to have – which is why we are selling the Google G Suite package as part of our products and services.

Apps that make our work easier

For us at Teledata, we take full advantage of all the apps which come with the package.

Other than the email – which we all use and regularly, we love the Google Calendar. Whenever we need to have meetings, whether it’s one on one or whole departments, whoever is hosting it will go to the Google calendar, create an event – the time, location and subject and then add in the emails of those to attend. An email is sent which people will respond to saying they will attend; then they will get an alert reminder ahead of the meeting.

This calendar is ideal for us as we are very busy and it helps us prioritize and keep on track with our time.

We also extensively use the Google Hangouts to call and communicate within the company. We have group chats for different teams. This means we are all on the same page and know what is going on. This is a lot tidier than screeds of emails flying around.

When someone is out of the office perhaps surveying an area to see if they can get the internet, we can also use the Hangouts to keep in touch in finding the location.

Teledata staff also use Google Docs to create and edit text documents either from their work computers, or if out, then from their smartphone. Google Docs lets us work together, on the same document at the same time, all changes are saved automatically or can be restored. This is equally so for creating spreadsheets, slides, forms and surveys.

Buy Google G Suite from Teledata

Teledata is proud users and sellers of this suite. We believe it will make your work easier, and more professional. You can get it too for as little as 26 cedis per user, per month.

We will be highlighting what Google G Suite is and the many apps you get as part of the package. Keep an eye on Teledata to learn more, or contact us!

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