Why Choose Teledata

Why Choose Teledata

Why Choose Teledata. Our previous article gave you an idea of how to choose an ISP. Now let us tell you why choosing Teledata could be one of the best decisions you ever made. We won’t bore you with a history lesson on Teledata. Instead, we will just tell you why it ticks all the boxes for selecting an ISP as mentioned in the previous article.

Teledata offers a wide array of services from VOIP, fixed-line services to G Suite email hosting to what we would like to talk to you about internet provision.

What sets Teledata apart from the rest?

Why Choose Teledata. Simply put it’s the nature and terms of its service. Unlike most ISPs in the country, Teledata internet services have no restrictions on what you can do with the network, no data caps, data bundle issues, streaming limitations. Download or upload restrictions. In one word Teledata truly offers the customer an unlimited uninterrupted service to enjoy.

With Teledata all you need to is sign up for a package that fully meets your data demands, so if your requirements for an office include about 10 users making full use of the network by surfing streaming, uploading and downloading all you need do is ask for a specific bandwidth that can fully satisfy your demands. Our dedicated bandwidth services guarantee customer’s premium dedicated bandwidth that you are entitled to at all times.

Secondly, our presence across the country ensures we are always close to you to provide you with a stable and reliable service at all times. We have base stations across the country that provide you with the connectivity you need almost anywhere in Ghana.

Our service level agreement holds us accountable and ensures we provide you with the best value for money. Downtimes experienced are subject to discount considerations.

Lastly, we have skilled and efficient agents on hand to help you deal with any issue that may come up. Our technical personnel are second to none and are available on hand 24/7 to help resolve any issue that may arise on your end. We have a trained customer service that is ready to take your complaints and see to it that all your queries and questions are well addressed. We have open lines of communication from telephone to mobile lines, WhatsApp platforms and email systems all geared toward ensuring you are heard and answered.


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