What Determines Your Internet Speed

What Determines Your Internet Speed. When it comes to the speed of your network, determining what is responsible is a bit complicated as many components are working together to deliver Internet connectivity to your laptop or desktop computer.

Addressing connection speed requires looking at each component of your network and addressing its capabilities and functionality.

Here are the things to consider.

Internet Packages

What Determines Your Internet Speed. The most important factor in your networking speed is the ISP, or Internet service provider. Your ISP determines the maximum speed of your network with the technologies it employs and the limits it places on them. Know what internet plan you are on (fair use or dedicated), to establish what bandwidth you are guaranteed or not. If your use exceeds your bandwidth, an upgrade is required to meet your demands.


What Determines Your Internet Speed. Unless your network is hooked directly into the modem, your router is the next big factor in Internet speeds. A wireless or wired router splits your modem’s signal up so that more than one device can use it. If the router does not support high-speed connections, the speed of your modem or ISP does not matter because it is being impeded by the router.  Ask your technician to check the router for its capabilities and limitations.


What Determines Your Internet SpeedThe modem you use with your connection affects your overall speed. Modems have a designated maximum connection speed they can support. If you are using a low-tier or older modem on a high-speed connection, you can connect to the Web but do not receive the full connection speed promised by your ISP. Most ISPs provide suitable modems to maximise your service. Ask your technician to check your modem capabilities and limitations

Computer networking Cards

What Determines Your Internet Speed. Your network can only be as fast as what your computer supports. Some older wireless networking cards do not support faster wireless connections. Even with a high-end router and modem (and a top-notch ISP), a slow, old networking card ensures your connection speed never reaches its full potential.

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