Top 5 Common Customer Service Myths

Companies like to believe they have good customer service. They fling slogans around and highlight mantras in most of their communications, both online and in the traditional media. CEOs and line managers stamp the message by communicating customer service myths within their organisation as well as in communiques to their existing and potential customers.

It is time to bust some of the more common customer service myths. It’s customer service myth spring cleaning time.

One cannot really argue with the school of thought that says, excellent customer service is the foundation of every successful business. If a company’s service is perceived to be anything less than great, they risk alienating themselves and losing market share to competitors. While this may seem common knowledge to everyone, many businesses continue to provide poor customer service. And the answer to this problem is found in one or more of the following customer service myths.
Myth: Lowest prices always keep your customers happy
Yes, most customers prefer to pay less. That is a given. But simply slashing prices is never been an assurance that a company can win many customers. In fact many customers are prepared to pay more for a service if they perceive to be of superior quality to it’s cheaper alternative and comes with better customer service. It’s the reason why luxury goods sell even though the price difference with other less expensive brands is negligible. Perception is king!
Myth: Once you can satisfy the customer they will remain loyal
Just because a company pledges to render “customer satisfaction’ and spends time checking in on the client to see if they are happy, it doesn’t mean the customer is happy. Customers yearn to be “wowed”! They expect their service provider to go the extra mile and to leave a memorable experience with the interaction and provision of the service. These are what customers talk about to their friends when they mention their “preferred” service providers. What really stands out in any customer’s mind is a remarkably outstanding experience while using the service. This is what creates true customer loyalty.
Myth: Losing one customer is fine – it won’t really affect the bottom line
Sometimes, customers take a stand on an issue and won’t budge. The tendency of some companies is to give up, cancel the subscription and let the customer leave. That is the most dangerous thing to do, according to bestselling writer Pete Blackshaw whose audio book is aptly titled “Satisfied customers tell three friends, angry customers tell 3,000.”. In today’s age of social media, an altercation with one client can trend on Twitter and reach thousands within hours. And while it is inevitable that some customer-company relationships will come to an abrupt end, it is ESSENTIAL that the customer leaves happy. If it can be helped.
Myth: If the customer is not complaining, they must be happy
When the call centre is dead quiet it does not necessarily mean all is well. In fact, it could spell doom for the company. Just because the phones aren’t ringing off their hooks and  customer service agents aren’t exchanging long poisonous emails with their customers it doesn’t imply everything is hunky dory. The fact is, more customers will walk away and give the business to another provider than fight with their existing company for a solution to their perceived problem. They have no time to fight an uphill battle complaining and waiting for a resolution. They drop it and walk away.
Myth: Build a robust customer service policy, and customers can’t have their way when they are wrong
It’s very easy for many companies to go down this route. They set about to design an intricately long and detailed policy, usually drafted by the company lawyer, in the attempt to leave little room or leeway for the customer. Whenever a customer complains, he is referred to the fine print. The policy is essential – that’s for sure. Without a policy, there would be chaos and some customers will get nasty and demand the moon and stars when all they are entitled to is a logo-engraved Bic ballpoint pen. But it is common for companies to follow the policy blindly so that every transaction and/or interaction with the client is a black OR white issue. Bending a policy to avoid permanent damage between a company and its customers is a nobler cause.
At Teledata, we aspire to give you the service you deserve and our dedicated team is ready to listen, understand and deliver on all your requests. That’s why it’s customer service myths spring cleaning time.  We know that when the customer comes first, the customer will last!
Article contributed by Walid Zoobi

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