The Internet Privacy and Security

The Internet Privacy and Security. The benefits of the Web must never be in doubt, but they also come at some cost, one of which is a loss of privacy. We are also more vulnerable to data breaches and identity fraud. Internet users are becoming more sensitive to the insight that privacy is a must-have in our lives. As the Internet becomes an increasingly integral part of daily life, questions about privacy and security on the Internet are on the rise. Keeping your information, private data and finances safe can be difficult.

Only two decades old, the Internet is still an unchartered legal territory, lacking firm regulatory standards and protection by international law. Further, the widespread access and use of mobile devices make it complicated when it comes to regulating Internet use and defining what private, and public information is. Did you know that more people in the world have access to cellphones than toilets according to the U.N

Privacy has risen near the top of the agenda in step with an increasing awareness of the implications of using social media. Most people started to use social media with no real idea of the dangers, and have become aware only through trial and error, sheer luck, snafus, and mistakes. Lately, inappropriate use of social media seems to hit the headlines every day. Celebrities are posting inappropriate comments to their profiles, private pictures and tapes leaked to the Internet at large, companies displaying an arrogance toward users, and even criminal activities involving private-data trafficking or social media exploitation.

The Internet Privacy and Security. Now more than ever, as our digital footprints grow exponentially, we need to take personal action to preserve our online freedoms. Why? The Internet benefits and belongs to all of us — thus it is our joint responsibility to protect it and ourselves. The threat from hackers and cyber criminals have expanded about our dependence on the Internet. As our reliance grows, opportunities for them to prey on us increase. Online data breaches are not new. They have been around since the creation of the first networks, but there is a risk that they could reach epidemic proportions (cyber fraud is currently the fastest growing category of crime in the world) and eventually erode our freedom to use the Internet as we desire.

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