Teledata’s favourite links of the week: Learn about Ghana’s history online

Each week Teledata brings you useful links from across the internet, to educate, inform, inspire and entertain you. This week we bring you links to help you learn more about Ghana’s history.  At school, what we used to hear was from an old textbook. Online information is usually more interactive and can be more thorough. Whether it is for your knowledge or you want to teach your kids something, have a look at these links!

Ghana’s history on Instagram – Gold Coast Ghana

As the saying goes, a picture can say 1000 words. This Instagram account features amazing historical photos that might otherwise get relegated to some dusty archives, alongside pictures of modern-day Ghana. With simple captions for these photos, you get a sense of who is in them, where it was taken and the significance. 

Simple slideshow to see Ghana’s history

This slideshow timeline will give you all the basics of Ghana’s fascinating history – the coups, the significant deaths, the developments, the disasters and substantial economic changes. While simple, this slideshow’s comprehensive and easily laid out. Good for your background knowledge as to the important events in Ghana’s history.

Learn more about tradition and culture

This Ghana Government website has a very extensive overview of Ghana’s rich culture and traditions. You can learn the meaning behind traditional proverbs, dance, and art, most of it explained by experts in their fields.

Check out these documentaries on YouTube to learn more

While long, this two – part documentary over on YouTube is very comprehensive, with a lot of historical footage of the Gold Coast and Ghana through the decades. There is a strong focus on the political history, coups, and growth of democracy.

See it here: and part two here:

While you are over on YouTube, go and check out this BBC documentary on the Asante Kingdom to learn more about this crucial aspect of Ghana’s history.

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