Meet our staff: Ernest Sefah Ntiamoah

At Teledata, we love to give you a personal insight as to who is behind the voice whenever you call our customer service desk. This week, please meet Ernest Sefah Ntiamoah. He has been with us at Teledata since 2014.

Ernest works on connections and customer requests and assistance.

He is a stickler for making sure customers are happy.

That is our top priority at Teledata, and we try hard as possible to do this.

Ernest embodies this.

“Being with Teledata, as an internet service provider, whose main objective is to satisfy the customers through the service provision, I feel very enthused to do this.”

When did you first use the internet?

With a smile spreading across his face, Ernest Sefah Ntiamoah remembers the first time he ever used the internet.

“I was at high school. I was 15 years old. There was only one computer, so we had to fight over it – it was a battle for supremacy! My primary intention was to get control of that computer and play games,” Ernest says with a chuckle.

Now, no longer in high school and no longer interested in playing computer games, when Ernest is free you are more likely to see him using the internet to research.

“I enjoy lifting weights, so I do a lot of research about lifting weights and gyming.”

He will look up his favorite bodybuilders before he hits the gym. He will often log on to YouTube to find the techniques needed and find inspiration in the world’s top bodybuilders!

What are your favorite things to do on the internet? Let us know in the comments below!

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