Teledata’s Favourite Links Of The Week: Have A laugh

Each week Teledata brings you some of our favorite links found on the internet on different themes. This week, we want to make you laugh! No matter your humor, you are sure to find something to make you giggle in the below links.


Kids’ jokes to make you laugh

If you have children or spend time with them, you’ll know all about the jokes they make. Sometimes they make you laugh because they land well, but most of the time they make you laugh because they are complete nonsense.

Bad Kids Jokes is full of the latter. It is a list of jokes that didn’t make it onto a kids’ jokes website, as the curator of the website says “A lot of joke submissions can’t be published because they don’t make any sense, the child got a genuine joke completely wrong, or they’re a bit too rude for kids… so I publish them here instead. I have not edited or made up any of these jokes”.

Check it out here, and see how familiar some may be to you!

Laugh with Ghanaian comedians on social media

On social media, comedians can let their jokes fly. There are a few from Ghana who you can follow for some daily laughs, whether they are sharing funny links of telling their jokes. One of Ghana’s most famous comedians, Funny Face can be followed on Facebook here.

There’s also Ghanaian actor, DKB, who you can follow on Facebook here – who is known as Ghana’s king of comedy. He does stand up shows which are very well-received. He also advertises his shows on his Facebook page so you can go and see him live.

Over on Twitter, you could check out Bismark the Joke, another very popular comedian who is very active on social media. Now and then he’ll tweet a joke that will make you have a good laugh.

YouTube is a haven for having a laugh

While reading jokes is fine, watching someone perform them is better. Depending on your humor, watching people do something very silly may even top that.

The long-running TV series America’s Funniest Home Videos has a very updated YouTube channel where you will see old classics next to new videos. People send in their funniest home videos for the enjoyment of everyone in the world!

Check them out here, and watch this funny compilation too 

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