Teledata Official Facebook Page Hits 100000 Likes

Teledata Official Facebook Page Hits 100000 Likes. Teledata undoubtedly one of the best internet service providers in Ghana, has over the years been providing facebook followers with informative, educative and entertaining contents.

Teledata Official Facebook Page Hits 100000 Likes

Content about unlimited internet services, events, benefits of fiber internet in your property, favorite links, the live video stream from strategic areas within Accra and Tema and other interesting tips.

We had 70,000 Facebook likes as at December last year and just within the first quarter of 2017, we hit over 100,000 Facebook likes.

To us at Teledata, this milestone indicates the level of trust our followers have for us.

We appreciate your trust and your daily interactions on our facebook page. We promise to continue providing you with good internet and other great services, and more interesting content.

At Teledata, we believe in “Life On Online” and this increase in our facebook fan base clearly depicts how people are enjoying life on the internet.


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