Google G Suite – Professional Email

 Perhaps one of the best aspects of the Google G Suite which we sell at Teledata is having your professional email address that links to your website. When you purchase the G Suite through us, you get all the apps. This includes Gmail which your professional email address will link to.

Having a professional email address is crucial for your business when you have a website – no matter what you are doing.

Here’s why you need a professional email address

It’s all about branding and standing out against your competition. Using a professional email shows people you and your business are established and professional. Any generic email address – that ends in,, etc. will have people questioning if you are serious, or even a real business. In Ghana, anything you can do to be a step ahead of the competition will help! 
Even if you are a solely-owned and operated company, it will show professionalism that your competition might not have.

As an example, say your name in Kojo-Smith, and you have a catering business in Accra. If you are trying to expand your business sending out emails or giving people your business card, what looks more professional – [email protected] or [email protected]? It’s all about perception!

There are many other caterers in Accra, but your email might set you apart and show your dedication and professionalism. It might land you that dream job! Catering to the stars!

You get the whole suite – not just the email

Teledata can set you up with your professional email address. You also get a host of other useful apps to make this a suite that will help grow your business. Store your files on the Drive, use Docs to create and edit documents. The Sheets will let you create your spreadsheets and tables.

Buy Google G Suite from Teledata

Get your professional email address today. You will also get all the other benefits that come with the Google G Suite. Prices start as low as 26 cedis a month. Keep an eye on Teledata to learn more, or contact us!


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