Meet our staff: Sandra Arthur Sarpong

From working as a National Service Personnel in 2015 to her current status as a Teledata Customer Service Desk Trainee, Sandra Arthur Sarpong speaks with a smile when she recalls her journey with Teledata.

“I love the environment; it is fun and jovial, we have a lot of fun,” she says.

Sandra is with the customer service team. They work hard to ensure clients get the best service possible and to fix any issues they may have. It is all about listening to and supporting customers, as Sandra puts it.

“I love working with Teledata because we provide fantastic support for our clients. If they have issues, we fix them. We are also able to listen to their suggestions to make this network even better!”

She is proud of the offers Teledata has, “ours is the best network, there is no doubt over that!” she exclaims.

What do you use Teledata internet for?

Sandra Arthur Sarpong is interested in using the internet to research, but also loves to seek out animated videos and documentaries – she says YouTube is a great resource for this!

“It is amazing what we can find on YouTube these days! Even animated videos of our childhood stories are there! Remember hearing tales of Anansi the Spider? If you search for that on YouTube, you will see our old trouble-maker has gone digital!”

Sandra is originally from Cape Coast, in the Central Region of Ghana and loves to sing in her spare time.

She wants to prove her love of singing so that you can listen to her incredible singing voice in this video!

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