Meet our Staff : Musah Tornia Bakar Teledata Sales Manager

Leading our incredible sales team at Teledata is our Sales Manager,  Musah Tornia Bakar.

From our office in Kokomlemle, Musah is responsible for bringing in new business and managing his sales team to deliver on their targets.

With thousands of customers across Ghana, Musah works hard to keep them happy. He makes sure Teledata keeps growing and providing an excellent service.

He joined Teledata in 2016. Amongst his duties, he trains and updates the skills of his staff. He encourages them and inspires them to keep offering Teledata’s world-class service.

Musah is dedicated to the company and loves the sense of family within it.

“We are a family in the sales team. Because of the oneness of purpose we can do a lot of beautiful things for our customers,” he says.

“Teledata is a very active company. We are small in size but do very big things. As a company, we are very innovative, and our services are top notch. We have invested a lot in our network so the service we give is something you can rely on for your business or at home.”

Teledata rewards hard work

As a manager, Musah is driven to get the best out of his team.

“My team is very hardworking. We reward hard work. Whenever we achieve our targets we have a fun party – we share a drink and network, – congratulating each other on the work.”

When he’s not at work at Teledata Musah is following his favorite football team – FC Barcelona.

“I never miss any of their matches. I follow them online all the time.”

He also likes to listen to music online and catch up on his favorite YouTube videos.

If you want to hear more about what we offer at Teledata and become one of our happy customers, then please get in touch!

Reach us on email: [email protected] phone: 0302211299 and through the web:

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