Increase your building’s value with Teledata’s Fiber for Properties

The property market in Ghana is competitive. If you’ve tried to buy or rent a house or workspace in Ghana’s major cities recently, chances are you know all about this. In Accra at least, new buildings are popping up all the time. Tenants and buyers have many options, so if you want to rent out or sell a property, then make it stand out with Teledata’s Fiber for Properties.

Whether you have a pre-existing building, or you are developing a new one, installing Fiber Internet can increase your property’s value and desirability. As we become more global in Ghana, people need faster and reliable internet. That’s what we specialize in at Teledata. We give you the right infrastructure and excellent service so your building can be hooked into the fastest form of broadband internet technology today.

The power and speed of Fiber Internet travel over fiber optic cables. It is future-proof, stress-free and very stable. It’s an investment that keeps giving. It runs from a central point directly to individual buildings such as residences, apartment buildings, and businesses.

You may have already invested in top quality building supplies, security, and even fitness facilities, but to add value to your property, Teledata’s Fiber for Properties is essential.

Many countries around the world have it, and Ghana is joining them. It’s important for businesses, offices, and households. Whether you’re building houses businesses or homes, Fiber Internet will be of immense benefit to your property.

What the studies show:

Studies were done overseas found Fiber Internet can enhance the value of the building by about 3.1 percent. The fast, reliable internet is now rated the single most important amenity for multiple dwelling units (MDUs), overseas studies have found.

Research has found residents are willing to pay more to live where there’s Fiber. People were prepared to pay 2.8 percent more to purchase a condo or apartment with access to Fiber Internet. Renters were willing to pay a premium of 8 percent.

Here in Ghana, a stable and reliable internet is a must for many renters and buyers. Let Teledata’s Fiber for Properties add value to your investment.

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