Teledata’s Favourite Links of the Week: How to Save Money

With Christmas just around the corner, your money might be on your mind. Each week Teledata brings you our tops links on different themes – this week we show you how you can save money.

Check out these links to see how you can save some money now and into the future.

Save money on food bills

Love to cook but probably spend too much on ingredients? Paprika Recipe Manager is an app that helps you organize your recipes, make meal plans, and create grocery lists. Using Paprika’s built-in browser, you can save recipes from anywhere on the web. You can also sync these to your phone, saving yourself from having to write down a list then when you are shopping.

This app will help you save some cash as it makes you create a shopping list, instead of going to the store without a plan. The ingredients on your grocery list are automatically sorted by aisle.

You can also create meal plans for the week or month so that you can be prepared. You won’t have any excuses for wasting money on takeaway food.

Save money by budgeting

Budgeting is the most important aspect of saving money. Instead of doing this in a notebook you are likely to lose, many great websites will help you set up a budget and track your money. comes highly recommended. According to the website it has four simple rules that will change the way you think about money.
It says it offers a ‘forget-everything-you-think-you-know-about-budgeting’ service.”You’ll stop overdraft; you’ll pay off your credit card debt, your stress levels will plummet, and you’ll achieve financial peace” – the website promises.
It teaches you to smooth out your cash flow by breaking down larger, less-frequent expenses (holidays, birthday presents, insurance), and treating them like monthly expenses—saving for them each month.

It also offers online classes every day of the week on finances as well as self-directed help guides.

The website offers a free 34-day trial.

Compare prices, save the difference

When you need to spend money – especially on something big or expensive, you need to find the best deal. Online websites can help with this.

Check out for specifically Ghana deals. If you need to travel then, sorts through flight sites through the world. It finds you the cheapest flights for your trip.

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