Google Calendar App

Google Calendar App. In the next series of follow-up articles, we would take a look at google apps you see, ignore and need to start using as they are simply accessible and make work and life seamlessly convenient.

Google Calendar App

Computers and smartphones help us organize our lives with the aid of calendar apps. They keep check and track of our routines and hold so much information they become indispensable. Most Computers and smartphones come with built-in calendar apps, but sometimes these apps just don’t quite cut it. Using Google calendar will enhance the basic capabilities of your built-in calendar app so that you can do much more than you ever thought was possible.The calendar could be the best tool your business or startup has.  Google Calendar if used right could make your business and personal life better, or at least more efficient.

Google Calendar App. Google calendar provides with multiple calendar options, which allows personal, business and departmental appointments to be kept separate or shared as need be. Alternatively, calendars can be shared with specific people. Numerous third-party calendars can also be imported and viewed or switched off as needed.

Google shared calendar allows you to create or edit an event and use this function to find a free time in all calendars shared with you. This works for up to 20 shared calendars. Rooms for meetings with their capacities are also viewable and shared to all. Responses can be checked inside the event.

One of the more special things google calendar can do though is the option to set personal goals. Want to run three times a week, or get in some time to play video games? The app will schedule time for those things automatically.

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