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Favourite Links of the Week Pinterest. You may have heard or seen it you might even have signed up but never really used it. Don’t worry you are not alone. Pinterest just hasn’t caught on as much as Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook in Ghana. Here at Teledata ICT we bring you up to speed on the online world and make sure you are utilising all that it has to offer.

Pinterest is a visual social tool like Facebook and Instagram but unique in its own way.With over 70 million users and over 500,000 of those accounts being business’ ignoring this platform is not advised. Pinterest helps people find creative ideas and is also used as a means for people to save website content.

Favourite Links of the Week Pinterest. The uniqueness of Pinterest is the lack of chatter. You might disagree but it is a proven fact that most people don’t really like reading, and it can be tiring and depressing by the constant commenting and opinionating on other sites like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest offers people a quiet, clean space to browse and bookmark visuals without the social component.

There’s no need for privacy. You’re not sharing any personal information when you’re surfing Pinterest, so most users open themselves up to a far larger network – and a far larger world of content.

Favourite Links of the Week Pinterest. Pinterest provides you with free marketing and exposure. Facebook and Twitter are free platforms to sign up if you want to receive great exposure you’re going to have to pay for it. Pinterest doesn’t work the same way. Getting noticed on the platform doesn’t cost you money but you do have to optimize your pins if you want to get noticed.

It is also easy to use and addictive once you get started. To know more about Pinterest and how to use it, go here

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