Difference Between Internet Modem and Router

Difference Between Internet Modem and Router

Difference Between Internet Modem and Router. Modems and Routers you may have heard of them, you may use them, but you know of their importance or use. Do not worry you like most people leave the “tech stuff” to hire experts to handle, it is no crime, but it also doesn’t hurt to have these basics at hand. Knowing enables you to be confident enough to make informed decisions should fundamental issues arise and not have to call your local it expert to just put off and put on a device to resolve a primary issue for which you will pay.

What are a modem and a router?
Modems are shorthands for modulator-demodulator which serve as a bridge by decoding signals back into digital data. Just put it connects to your internet provider to provide you with the service you need.

Routers, on the other hand, receive the digital data from the modem and makes it available to your devices. It allows multiple devices to use the single internet connection provided by the modem. Routers are the devices that also provide wifi.

Whenever you connect to an internet service, the modem connects to the service and the router makes the service available to you. When your internet is not working, is slow or unstable the first thing your ISP tells you to do is restart it. Devices malfunction and sometimes need to reboot. Resetting the modem allows it to reconnect back to your ISP and doing same for the router allows it to reconnect back to the modem to provide you with your internet. Both devices refresh after the reboot and flush out errors or bugs that were hampering your service.

Usually, these devices are separate entities, but with evolving technology, both devices are now also combined into a singular unit.

Difference Between Internet Modem and Router. A modem-router combo. This device performs all the functions of both the modem and the router by translating incoming data and routing the data received the proper devices. That is it receives the service from the ISP and then makes it available to your computers and other devices.

A basic requirement for internet provision is to have a modem to connect you to the service but should your ISP choose to provide you with a modem-router combo telling the difference is easy just look at the back of the device has more than one ethernet port, it is a modem-router(usually about 5). One thing is for sure you need both a router and a modem, so having a modem-router gives you both. The only downside is should the modem-router be damaged or faulty you lose both functions and devices at once.

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