Why Sign Up for Google Cloud G Suite

What is G Suite?

Why Sign Up for Google Cloud G Suite. G Suite is a set of smart apps (google drive, hangouts, calendar, maps, email, docs, slides, etc.) that connects all (employer and employee) in a company, school or organization no matter where they are. Google offers it as part of its cloud services.

Why Sign Up for Google Cloud G Suite?

G Suite provides your company or organization with a professional outlook; Steven Aldrich of Godaddy has stated that “potential customers are far more likely to do business that has a business email than those that don’t”.
G Suite offers you this legitimacy, the opportunity to engender trust and look professional to prospective clients.
How? You ask; simple G suite gives you a business email your company name attached. ([email protected] ). It provides the employees with personal emails that associated with the enterprise. ([email protected] )

G Suite allows you to own your files and share documents internally. You own all accounts and data of your employees, should you choose to terminate an employee you have access to all the files and documents and can revoke his or her access. You can share documents with employees, give access to multiple users to edit and access files or add information. It facilitates team work, collaboration, and efficiency.

Also with Google drive, you get to save every file and document virtually and be able to access them anywhere in the world. Protect sensitive and vital records from being physically handled and reduce exposure risk; they are safe and protected on google drive.

Share information with all employees or specific ones with ease. Departments can create group emails for memos and notifications; same applies to company-wide addresses.
G suite is very affordable and is very easy to sign up at $5 per month per user.
Why not signup today and streamline your work. To register for Google Cloud G Suite, contact Teledata.

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