Help Desk – Best Practice

Help Desk is designed to be the first point of contact for customers when they have requests or problems with their technology services.

And we at the help desk are responsible for addressing those issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It is essential, then, to ensure a strategic method of managing this single point of contact for requests and issues. This will include tracking inbound and outbound ticket processes, escalation procedures, and ticket resolution.

Customers will always let us know when they are completely dissatisfied with our service. However, regular customer satisfaction surveys performed by our call tracking software provides valuable information from a broad sampling of users. A continuous customer satisfaction survey process improvement philosophy drives customer satisfaction and loyalty to even higher levels.

This is especially true for end-user satisfaction. We survey end-users about how satisfied they are with each and every trouble ticket they open with the help desk. This information helps our managers identify weak spots and provides helpful feedback to techs. We take it a step further and follow up with end-users that gave low marks to find out what the techs could have done better. Let them know that their manager heard them loud and clear. This goes a long way toward improving relations between the help desk and end-users.

A company with information silos—that is, departments working independently of one another with little regard for what’s happening in others—will struggle. This type of business structure will reduce efficiency in the overall operation, reduce morale, and may contribute to the demise of productive company culture. Healthy businesses encourage communication. Two departments, in particular, that benefit from knowledge sharing are marketing and customer service, i.e. the company’s help desk.

To ensure that you get the highest level of support we recommend that you follow the recommended best practice when contacting our help desk:

  1. Send email to [email protected] – you will receive an automated email reply with your unique ticket or case number
  2. Call our Help Desk on 0302211311 or 0242439494 – armed with your ticket or case number you will speed up the ticket resolution

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