What to consider when choosing an ISP

Choosing the right internet service provider could be the difference between a flourishing business, a happy user or a very angry and frustrated internet subscriber. What to consider when choosing an ISP.

Ghana has a rapidly growing number of Internet Service Providers making it a headache for a consumer to decide on whom to subscribe to. Make no mistake choosing an ISP is no small task as the wrong choice could get you in bed with an ISP that provides sub par service that leaves your business at a standstill and your online access restricted.

Our previous article showed you the types of service offered by ISP’s, knowing this, these are what you consider when choosing an ISP

What providers, are available in your region?

First look for those that are available to you to make access and to set up much easier for you. The closer the ISP is to you the more advantageous it is for you. What to consider when choosing an ISP.

What download and upload speed best suit the needs of your household?

An understanding of your needs can be instrumental in determining the ISP you go for. For instance, if it’s for the home how many users to how many computers, what will the service be for (streaming, surfing, downloading, uploading, all), knowing this helps determine which package to use and which bandwidth you require. This knowledge helps you gauge if the ISP can meet your demands.

What is the difference in their terms of service?

Be sure to know the limitations of the ISPs service. Some ISPs put restrictions or limitations on what you can do. Some ISPs put data caps or bundles on your internet so that when you exhaust your bundle service is capped till you renew it. Others deal entirely on bandwidth, which is the amount of data you can transmit in a second for a duration say 3 or 6 months, 1year. What to consider when choosing an ISP.

What is the difference in pricing between packages?

Take a look at the ISPs pricing of each package on offer, look for one package that provides your best value for your money with the knowledge of your internet requirements in mind.

Location, bandwidth, and pricing should be deliberated and carefully compared against other competitors’ offerings.

Test the market for the best value for money and convenience. Look for people using different ISPs, compare the quality of service to the price and don’t forget to look at the location for your convenience too. Be sure to make an informed decision.

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