What is an Internet Service Provider?

What is an Internet Service Provider?

What is an Internet Service Provider? Internet Service Providers (also called ISPs) are companies that provide telecommunications services including data communications access and telephone connection. According to the National Communications Authority, there are about 54 ISPs currently operating in the country.

What you need to know about ISP’s.

ISP’s provide different services, with the most standard of services being internet provision which comes in the form of broadband services. What is an Internet Service Provider?

Broadband services are what ISPs in Ghana offer, this encompasses Digital subscriber line (DSL), Cable Broadband, Satellite and Fibre optic service. We can safely assume that the age of the Dial-up is fast behind us.

DSL: Digital subscriber line is not a typical service offered by most ISP’s in the country, it operates over telephone lines, and it’s stable and reliable service depending on your proximity to its central hub. The further you are the slower and erratic the service.

Cable broadband like the DSL is not typical. It operates on TV wires provided by cable television providers with speeds of up to 100mbps.

Satellite: This is the most common type of broadband available today. It uses satellite to beam signals directly to user satellite dishes. Its coverage is everywhere unlike the limited reach of the cable or DSL. It provides stable reliable and fast Internet services with no matter where you are. This option is quite expensive.

Fiber optic service: this is the latest addition to the broadband unit, it works on an optical network using light., yes light, so you can imagine how fast and reliable this one is. The only issue is it can be accessed in limited areas with fiber setup and is very expensive.

Aside from internet ISPs also provide other services like domain name registration, domain name hosting, email and website hosting, dial-up access, leased line access and much more.

What is an Internet Service Provider? To know what to consider in choosing an ISP for your home or office look to our next article.

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