Ways To Boost Your WiFi Signal

Ways To Boost Your WiFi Signal. The beauty of WiFi is you can access the internet seamlessly without cables anywhere once you have the setup in place. So one can imagine how frustrating it must be when you can’t access your wifi in some regions of the home or office, or the signal strength is so weak you can barely browse. These areas are known as dead spots. Your WiFi just inextricably disappears in these spots.
It is usually down to several factors; we will provide you with ways to boost your signal and provide coverage to your desired areas.

Start with your Router. A router typically has a range of 100 feet which is usually more than enough to cover a home, but several factors can result in lowering its range or zapping signal strength.

Ways To Boost Your WiFi Signal.

Check for interferences caused by metals around or close to the router, competing signals such as wireless interruptions from cordless phones, and microwaves baby monitors security alarms, etc. Keep router away from devices that emit any frequency or operate on the same frequency as the router.

Your IT person can check this. Ask your IT officer to check for signal interferences from the home appliances or other WiFi signals in your vicinity. Request that the WiFi channel, be on a different frequency to any frequency around to avoid the interferences.

Just repositioning the router can be the most efficient solution. We recommend you place the router high above and suitably at the center of the house or office to increase broadcast range and provide wider coverage.

Ways To Boost Your WiFi Signal.

Should you do all that and still find the range and strength unsatisfactory, we recommend you replace the antennas on your router with a different model that delivers more power. Note that not all routers allow for the antennas to be detached and replaced.

Another option is to install a repeater; this is a piece of hardware that allows the network to expand by taking the signal from your router and boost the range and strength. You can purchase a repeater at local shops in Ghana.

Should you require a cheaper option, try an amplifier also known as a booster which only increases the strength of your current wifi signal as opposed to what the repeater does which extends the range and power.

Lastly routinely change your network password as wifi speeds are usually dependent on the number of people using it at one time. To prevent unauthorized access, we recommend you use a secure password known to a few or routinely change the access codes to minimize the risk.

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