Use social media this year to push your small business

If you want to further grow your small business in 2017, then put a clear focus on using social media. Anyone can use social media, and it’s up to you how much you spend on it. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or LinkedIn, there are many different things you can do on social media to push your business.

Having a web presence is critical – too many companies in Ghana lack them, making it hard to attract new customers. Even if you don’t have an actual website, having a web presence on social media is important to grow your small business.

Your aim should be getting followers to engage with your content, and ultimately want to buy whatever it is you are selling.

The major businesses in Ghana have dedicated social media managers, but if you are not there yet, or don’t have the budget to pay people to take control, you can and should do it yourself. Here is how.

Open your small business social media accounts

 If you don’t have a business account across social media, get onto it. Try and keep your page name or account handle straightforward and relevant- it should be your business name. If for whatever reason your business name is taken on social media, then add Ghana or Gh to it. Do not add numbers. For example, you have a cake company called Divine Cakes, and you find this is taken. Make it Divine Cakes Ghana across your accounts. Prioritize your presence on Facebook to start; you can then link your posts to your Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The most important information to have on your social media accounts is the name of the business, where exactly you are located, what you do or sell and how you can be contacted – for example, email, phone, WhatsApp

Also, make sure you have a reliable internet connection, so you have the ability to keep your social media updated. Talk to us at Teledata for the best, most reliable internet in Ghana.

Set a budget

It’s hard to just rely on organic likes and follows. You can pay to have posts or your page appear on people’s timelines as a suggestion of something they may like. You can customize as to who your posts or page should be targeted at, and how much your ad campaigns will cost and how long they will run. Facebook gives you an estimate of how and what to expect depending on the budget you choose. You can play around with the ad manager and see what works for you.

Post interesting things

Post content relevant to your industry and your small business. Using the cake example, this means photos and video of what you have to offer- and make it beautiful pictures, closeups, right angles – always your best foot forward. You can post articles relevant to your business, like cooking videos and interviews with chefs for example.
The key is to be consistent, aim to start off posting at least twice a day, more if you can. And encourage people to engage with your content. Ask questions on your posts, like, ‘what is your favorite cake?’. Run polls, and when someone comments on something you post, respond to it.

Don’t always post about how great your business is and why people should use it. Post things that are useful and exciting for people to read or watch as well. Every 4th or 5th post can be solely about your business; the rest should be to do with your industry. Keep it subtle.


Monitor your posts

Don’t get despondent if you are not a hit right away, it will take time. To increase followers and engagement, you could run a few competitions. Try offering whatever you sell or do for free, as long as people share a post, like or comment. Keep an eye on what posts work, look at the numbers and analytics. Don’t be afraid to try new things; the main thing is keeping it consistent, useful and exciting.

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