Meet our staff: Samelia Klugah

Samelia Klugah works with our customer service desk as a call center supervisor.

Samelia is responsible for supervising the calls of the Teledata call center workers to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our customer service team works hard, and Samelia ensures they always give an excellent service to Teledata’s customers.

Samelia has been working with Teledata since July 2014, and is pleased to say it has been a “wonderful experience.”

“It’s been challenging, but I have learned a lot when it comes to internet services, managing people, customer service, administration. The skills I have learned, and am still learning at Teledata have built me up.”

Samelia Klugah: “there was life before the internet!”

When Samelia Klugah isn’t helping her co-workers or customers, she loves to browse the internet looking for makeup tutorials on YouTube. She loves the vivaciousness of the YouTube stars who offer new and fresh ways to do makeup. She could be watching a makeup artist based in the USA, to learn some new skills here in Ghana.

“The internet is a powerful thing!” she says.

However, unlike many youths of today, Samelia remembers the days before the internet, where if you wanted to find out about something, instead of Google,  you asked around or went to a book!

“I remember my first encounter with a computer – I was in secondary school. It was something completely different! I didn’t know what I was doing! I didn’t know the system unit, from the monitor!”

However, as time has gone on, Samelia has found computers and the internet have been integral to her daily life.

“We are in a computer age. Everything we do is on the Internet, from banking to connecting with friends on social media. It ‘s nice to have the internet in your home, office, or doing your daily activities.”

Samelia and her team of customer service representatives are ready and waiting to take your calls if you have any enquiries on Teledata. You can contact them through:

Phone 0302211299
Whatsapp 0207258557
Email [email protected]

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