Meet Our Teledata Staff: Sena Addom – Customer Service Rep

Sena Addom is a lovely trainee customer service rep at Teledata. Whenever you call us, you might meet this bright and bubbly employee on the line.

Sena, who is originally from the Volta Region, has been with us since April.

She is always happy to be at work, as she loves to be working. “I am so happy always to be in the office!” she says, with a bright smile.

“I love talking to people a lot – that gives me joy in coming to work.”

As a customer service representative, Sena assists clients over the phone. She always goes the extra mile to ensure customers are happy.

Everyone loves her in the office – her workmates need to watch what they say around her, as she keeps a tab on them if they mispronounce a word, and then shares this at the end of the year to the entire staff.

“I am called the Teledata police! Any time you pronounce a word, and don’t pronounce it well I write it down and share it with the entire company so they can get to know how funny you mispronounce some words,” she mischievously says.

When she’s not working her customer service representative role or keeping an eye on her colleagues’ vocabulary, Sena is dancing.

“ I love dancing to gospel music – it gives me joy, it’s my hobby. When I have free time you will find me dancing – even at home in the washroom!”

Sena learns her moves from videos on YouTube. You can see her skills in the video below!

Meet Sena Addom Teledata Customer Service Representative

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