5 constructive things to do on the Internet

The statistics are revealing. Very. There were almost 5.2 million internet users in Ghana as at December 2014, representing an internet penetration of about 20% of the population. The figures will most likely shoot up by the time you finish reading this article. And apparently there are approximately 2.9 million Ghanaians who have a Facebook account. In essence, over half of Ghana’s internet users are taking and uploading selfies, commenting and liking on Facebook.

Keep reading to learn more about 5 constructive things to do on the Internet.

And while the jury may still be out on the pros and cons of our attachment to a digital life via online social media services, some say, we are breeding a population of narcissist internet users. The Internet has a wealth of good value to offer, though. That’s never been in dispute. There are so many productive, interesting, personally enriching, and economically rewarding things you can do on the internet.

Here are 5 constructive things to do on the Internet to make it worthwhile spending that time online.

This one may be obvious to some. However, many are surprised to learn that we can actually go online, learn a skill or discipline, and get certified for FREE. You can even get free online studies with Ivy League schools like Harvard and MIT. No kidding! Check it out yourself (click here)! Or try Coursera! And here is a bonus: Try Khan Academy. Here you AND/OR your child (children) can set up a virtual FREE portal to learn ANYTHING!
Free Online Support
Often, you have had to call your internet service provider, cable TV guy, plumber, or even just someone to help you fix a small but irritating fault at home. But are you aware that there is FREE advice online on anything from how to change a light bulb to reconfiguring your WiFi router? Do yourself a favour and go to one or more of the thousands of online forums where volunteers offer assistance – mostly for FREE! For example, you can try TechGuy. Of course, some problems require the full calvary, doubt.
Personal Blogging
Don’t make the mistake of thinking blogging is for professional writers and online e-commerce enthusiast. Yes, the whole idea behind blogging is to provide a platform for users to develop a profession online. But because most blogging services are FREE, you can write your thoughts (careful about what’s private and what’s not, though) and leave a legacy of your life’s events for family, friends and acquaintances to remember you by after you have transcended mortality. WordPress, anyone? And just in case you need to have your hand held into the world of blogging, here goes:
Planning for the After-Life
Okay, so this is not a topic many people are comfortable dealing with. Death after all is sad. And yet, nothing beats preparing your family and friends for when you pass on to the spiritual realm. Leave behind instructions on how you want to be laid to rest; who gets access to your bank accounts; where all your important documents are; how your kids will share the 19,000 vinyl LPs you have accumulated over the years; who reads your will, and so much more. Maybe you haven’t heard of Everplans yet? Oh and yes – the all important digital life you have spent years creating online! Who takes over that? Panic? Relax: here are seven services you can use to give your trusted heirs access to your digital life, after you are gone.
Smart Seat-selection for Air Travellers
How many times have you arrived at the airport to check-in and realised that the seat of your chose on the airline’s website is no longer available? What wouldn’t you give to have a smart way to search seats and determine many factors like better legroom, retractable arm rests, proximity to wash-rooms, etc. Seat Guru has a unique offer, especially since user-submiited comments allow you to reach a more informed decision about the seat lay-out and options for seat selection.
Article contributed by Walid Zoobi

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