Meet our staff: Patricia Brigid Dzadze – Service Desk Manager

Leading the hard-working customer service desk at Teledata ICT is Patricia Brigid Dzadze. As the Service Desk Manager, Patricia leads her team in customer support.

Patricia proudly says she “worked through the ranks” at Teledata, she started out as a customer service representative seven years ago and worked her way up to the management level.

She has stayed with the company this long because she loves her job.

“It’s a very open environment. Everyone is accommodating, it is a family we have here.”

Patricia is an important and well-appreciated member of this family.

“I am the office go to person. Everybody runs to me for everything they need, be it information or how to do anything. Over here I need to be part of it before it happens!” Patricia says with a laugh.

As the head of the Service Desk, Patricia’s role is to channel and support her team in customer management, service, and support.

She also loves the innovation she sees in her workplace.

“Teledata is a very innovative environment. The company is always trying to bring up new services and packages on how to use the internet to bring on solutions.”

She is especially pleased that Teledata is offering homes and businesses Fiber Internet through Accra and Tema.

When she’s not working to give her customers the best service possible, Patricia loves to browse the internet.

“One of my favourite things to do is cooking. I like to research recipes. I follow Ndudu by Fafa on Instagram. She cooks a lot of food and shares the recipes. I also love for ideas on cooking.

The community is critical for Patricia. With a group of friends, she goes and visits students at junior and senior high schools to help motivate them, teach them life skills and encourage them to work for the betterment of society.


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