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Fast and reliable internet is a key component of every successful business. Quick email and data access, regular communication and effective local and remote networking is only possible with kind of bandwidth that Fiber Internet offers. Fiber Internet 100Mb Premium can provide the power needed for your business to grow and thrive.

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What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet is the fastest form of broadband internet technology today. The power and speed of Fiber Internet is delivered over fiber optic cables, making it future-proof, stress-free and very stable.

Why do I want Fiber Internet?

Businesses in Ghana do poorly with the wrong internet because it brings frustration, and nothing gets done! Fiber Internet is reliable. It is incredibly fast and unlimited, perfect to get your whole business online and working at optimum capacity.

With our ever-increasing reliance on technology to get things done, Fiber Internet is a way to future-proof your business. With Fiber Internet, signing up now means you will have the infrastructure to make use of new developments Ghana will experience in the future.

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Benefits of Fiber Internet

Always Connected

You and your employees can connect whichever devices you like, all at the same time.

In the Cloud

Keep all your data backed up at all times to the cloud, including your files, photos and videos.


Fiber Internet is very difficult to tap, so you will protect your valuable business data.


We are the first and only company in Ghana to guarantee you your network will work 99.99% of the time. We can guarantee this because we have the core network for our Fiber service, with multiple hubs and pathways for data to flow through. We have the best designed and executed fiber network in Ghana, and we can prove it.

Future Ready

Because there’s limitless potential, Fiber Internet is ‘future safe’. Signing up today will mean you will have the infrastructure to be able to access Ghana’s future advances in technology, like faster internet (think 20-30 Gbps), HD content, new phone systems, video conferencing and 3D technology.


It's incredibly fast and unlimited, perfect to get your small business or office online, all the time.

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What can I do with Fiber Internet?

Your business or office can comfortably…

Keep all your data backed up and updated at all times in the cloud, including your files, photos and videos.

Check your emails, uploading and downloading files in a flash.

Do video calls with contacts across the world without buffering or dropping on your end.

Update your accounts online, or do your internet banking without worrying the connection will cut.

Access your online databases quickly and with ease.

Effectively use remote desktop connections.

Have staff upgrade their skills with online workshops or courses without having to leave Ghana

What will I get?

A dedicated account team at Teledata and direct inward dial.

Round the clock technical support.

Multiple redundancy on backbone.

Multiple redundancy on last mile with wireless (optional).

Industry leading service level agreement.

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How fast is 100Mb?

The higher the number of Mbps (megabits per second) you have, the speedier your online activity should be. The higher the number, the faster your downloads and uploads will be. Anything over 24Mbs is considered superfast. We are offering you up to 100Mb, both upload and download. (Our contention rate for the Fiber Internet 100Mb Premium is 10:1 – you will have a minimum of 10Mb at all times.)

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1Mb Broadband Internet 0
Get Unlimited 100Mb Fiber Internet

How much does it cost?


Fiber 100Mb Premium

Ultra-High-Speed Internet from 10,457GHS/mo

  • Up to 100mbps download and upload speed.
  • Unlimited download and upload.
  • 10:1 Contention Ratio

Other Questions?

Check out our FAQs, reach out to us via phone, email, or WhatsApp. Or hit the contact us button to have someone call you back.

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