Is it safe and secure?

Fiber doesn’t radiate signals and is tough to tap. If any security breaches are attempted, you’ll know right away. The fiber cables are more secure than regular cables.

How do you decide which areas get it?

At the moment, our Fiber Internet is available in Accra, Tema and Kumasi. We are starting with about 1200 km of fiber cables. If there are enough people in a certain area who want Fiber Internet, then we can install in. Contact us if you want to be one of those people! View our Fiber Internet coverage map here.

Does it work all the time?

We are the first and only company in Ghana to guarantee you your network will work 99.99% of the time. We can guarantee this because we have the core network for our Fiber service, with multiple hubs and pathways for data to flow through and we can prove it.

What does 99.99% availability really mean?

It means that should your Internet service stop working, it won’t be for more than 8.6 seconds in a day or:

  • Weekly: 1m 0.5s
  • Monthly: 4m 23.0s
  • Yearly: 52m 35.7s

What do you mean by unlimited data?

Unlimited data means there is no cap on the data you use. Many internet plans in Ghana will limit you to how many GB you get, maybe you have to let 10GB last a month, and you are constantly checking how much you have used. You don’t need to worry about that with your Teledata Fiber Internet.

What is a contention rate?

Contention ratio refers to how much of your Internet service provider’s bandwidth is shared between users. Depending on the Teledata Business Fiber Internet plan you subscribe to, yours will be 20:1 or 10:1.

For example, a 10:1 contention ratio means if there are ten users are active on the network at once; they will each have a 10M/bit connection. The lower the rate, the more bandwidth you will have.

What can I do with Fiber Internet that I can't with broadband?

Whatever you do with broadband, you can do with fiber, but so much faster. You can stream and download through fiber at much faster speeds than your broadband connection, and you don’t need to worry about a data cap.

How much does it cost?

This depends on your needs. We have different packages for different business sizes.

Teledata Fiber Internet is relatively affordable, considering how much money and stress it’ll save you down the road. It’s an investment now that will keep giving as it is future-proof. We have a variety of payment plans as well.

How can I get it?

Contact us here at Teledata:
Phone 0302211299
Whatsapp 0207258557
Email [email protected]

How do you install it?

It is installed by engineers, though fiber cable isn’t intrusive – it’s not much thicker than a pencil! Any infrastructure changes to accommodate fiber optics are minimal and will be worthwhile in the long run

Do you do site checks if I have any problems?

Yes. If you need something checked, depending on the plan you buy you have free site visits each month. You will also get regular reports from us on the service performance.

How long are your contracts?

Our contracts are for 24 months.

I signed up my business, what happens next?

You will be contacted by one of our wonderful advisers who will identify what you need and propose the right solutions, for the right price. We will get you connected and then support your business with real-time monitoring and technical support. We are happy to hear from you and we will keep evolving our service to suit your needs.

What makes your network more reliable?

Our metro fiber network is deployed using IP/MPLS core and carrier ethernet edge equipment, 100Mb and 1000Mb capacity model. Our fiber route is  1200 km in Accra, Tema, and Kumasi. We offer a minimum of three diverse entry routes at hub sites and multiple diverse fiber routes between hub sites.

What is ‘the cloud’?

Cloud computing lets you keep information on a remote server (the cloud), instead of in your computer or on an external hard drive. Because your data is saved remotely, you can access it from anywhere, and with any device as long as you have an internet connection. Using Fiber Internet means uploading and accessing your data saved on the cloud will be quick and easy.

How reliable is Fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet is the most reliable connection you can get. We are proud of our service. We are the first and only company in Ghana to guarantee you your network will work 99.99% of the time, because we have the right infrastructure to do so.

Will it increase my business productivity?

If your productivity has been hampered due to slow or unstable internet connections, then yes.

If your employees have been complaining about poor internet stopping them doing their work then installing Fiber Internet will put a stop to that. Installing fiber internet will offer you fast and reliable internet to get all your tasks done, and quickly.

How long does it take to install fiber ?

It depends on where you are in Ghana. It will take up to ten working days if you are within a service area. If you are not within a service area, and we must extend our fiber network to you, then it will take between six to eight weeks for us to install your fiber Internet. However, when we speak to you about your needs and what works best we can provide more accurate timelines.

Is there an installation fee?

Yes, but we need to speak with you and hear about your needs before quoting you. Please contact us to discuss.

What else can you offer my business?

Other than connecting you with super-fast Fiber Internet we also offer WiFi hotspot solutions, Site to Site connections, Business Voice over IP Telephony, and Internet security services throughout Ghana. Just contact us to learn more.

Ready to unleash the awesomeness of unlimited 100Mb Fiber Internet?

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