Blazing Fast Satellite Internet!


Available EVERYWHERE in Ghana.

Sign up before 30th June and get 1-month free subscription every quarter.

Instead of paying for 3 months, you pay for 2 months only.

Enjoy 100% uptime and downtime guarantee.

Call us on 0302211299.

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Get 3 Months for the Price of 2.

What is YahClick?

YahClick is a game-changing technology that provides broadband services to consumer and enterprise markets in the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, Central and South West Asia

Nationwide Coverage

Uninterrupted connectivity

Customised Service

Easy To Install

Get Connected

Terms & Conditions

  • Incentives will only be calculated on “Active Customers” i.e. -SAN’s without lock or termination. (More than 3 days in lock will be considered as not active for the incentive
  • The incentive will be equal to one month’s subscription for every 3 months continuous connectivity (up to 12 months)
  • No incentive on CPE subsidy to customers.
  • All special pricing and promos are excluded from this incentive

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