Internet Home Plus

Ideal for Downloading Music & Videos

Fast, reliable and affordable internet connectivity for any household.

Download speed up to 10Mbps

Unlimited Downloads

99.00% Uptime Guaranteed

Get Unlimited Home Internet

Features Included

Fast 10Mbps Internet

Download and upload speed of up to 10Mbps. This is a shared bandwidth which means there is no minimum guaranteed speed.

Unlimited Download & Upload

There is no limit on the amount of data that is transmitted on downloads and uploads.

99.00% Uptime Guaranteed

At Teledata ICT, we care that you have an uninterrupted service with a minimum downtime experience as possible. That’s why we guarantee a monthly uptime of 99.00%.

Champion Care Support (SLA)

This plan comes with a Free Champion Care Level Support Agreement.

3 Payment Options


12 Months Upfront

2,616GH (218GH x 12 months)


6 Months Upfront

2,028GH (338GH x 6 months)


3 Months Upfront

1,212GH (404GH x 3 months)

Experience the Teledata Internet difference!

Get Unlimited Home Internet

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