Internet Essential

12Mb on Wireless – 60Mb on Fiber

Dedicated Unlimited Internet

High-speed broadband internet for small to medium-sized businesses and homes

Unlimited download and upload

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

Get Unlimited Internet



Payment Plans

Teledata ICT offers packages which include high download speeds, affordable prices, and a choice between flexible payment plans of 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months.

1 Month
GHS Per month
1 Month
Paid monthly
3 months
GHS Per month
3 months
Total 876 GHS
45 GHS
6 months
GHS Per month
6 months
Total 1,662 GHS
180 GHS
12 months
GHS Per month
12 months
Total 2,952 GHS
732 GHS
Get Unlimited Internet

Other Packages

Teledata ICT offers five different fair use broadband internet packages designed for small to medium-sized business and homes. Each package includes high download speeds, affordable prices, and a choice between flexible payment plans of 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months.

Internet Plus (10-50Mb) Internet Essential (12-60Mb) Internet Preferred (15-70Mb) Internet Priority (20-80Mb) Internet Premium (30-100Mb)

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s true! Our Internet service packages are unlimited and dedicated with regards to speed (bandwidth) for your home and businesses. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about running out of “Internet speed” when downloading, watching movies online, playing video games, having meetings with family and friends online and many more.

The dedicated service means you don’t share the unlimited internet speed with any of your friends/neighbours who are also using the same internet. Once you’re given a specific bandwidth at a rate, it’s impossible to share the service speed with others.

Teledata ICT offers five unique and different internet services including; Internet Plus, Internet Essential, Internet Preferred, Internet Priority, and Internet Premium. Service packages are all meant for homes and small-to-medium-sized businesses. Every bundle has a high download speed, affordable prices, suitable and flexible payment plans ranging from 1, 3, 6 and months.

It merely means an amount of internet usage over the day. That’s when the threshold of the internet package bought reached the highest speed for the day.

Our home and business packages are flexible for individuals and businesses, meaning that, customers can easily upgrade and downgrade their service depending on a specific budget.

Teledata ICT internet service covers the entire Greater Accra Region provided our base-station situated within your neighbourhood.

Teledata ICT unlimited access to the internet is not shared. It’s 100% dedicated to one particular user at a time, unlike other ISP’s packages which can share among similar users in the same location or neighbourhood. Our Unlimited Internet cannot be shared, and it does not matter the speed package the same users are entitled to, the service not shared.

The fair usage policy is a subtle Teledata ICT  policy instituted to ensure that every unlimited internet subscriber moderates the uses of bandwidth. Simply put, the scheme provides that the internet bandwidth is fairly and evenly shared; thus, by controlling the usage of one user over another internet user. So, their unlimited bandwidth performance does not affect the third-party. 

You can get connected by sending us your details, such as a digital address and contact information. We will then schedule a free survey to determine coverage.

The one-time installation cost is GHC700 – GHC1, 000. But it’s subject to change depending on a field survey to ascertain the stable internet connection by our technical know-how technicians.

Our unlimited internet service is the best! Compared to other competitors, we provide dedicated higher speed internet service. The precise unlimited internet packages you subscribe to within a period is what we offer. You’re 99% assured of service reliability!

Yes, we are available to support you 24/7 support.

All services do not have a money-back guarantee, rather, there is a discount metric for downtime compensation.

The internet service is 99% consistent/stable because we don’t talk or walk. It’s unlimited internet and that precisely what we offer without interruption.

Yes, Please. You can! But it depends on your geographical location within Ghana.

We offer unlimited Fibre-optic and wireless Internet, Satellite and Radio Broadband Internet, IP VPN, Wide Area Network connectivity, and VOIP solutions.

Our services are delivered via Wireless, Fiber and Satellite connections.

Yes, please. We monitor the service 24/7 to ensure we serve all customers with unlimited and dedicated service without any unanticipated challenges.

There are no data caps or limits. The service is 100%, it is unlimited.

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