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Spread the word about TeledataICT and earn cash while providing UNLIMITED Internet services to your network

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About this program

TeledataICT Affiliate programme offers individual the ability to earn cash for every lead they refer to use our services. Affiliates would not sell physical product but instead, promote products for a commission. Meaning, an affiliate will get paid when their promotions leads to a transaction for TeledataICT

Who Can Join

Our Affiliate programme is open to anybody who wants to earn cash and is not a current customer; You may be a student, unemployed graduate, SHS leaver, worker especially IT personal. Provided you can refer your network, followers, customers & friends and anyone to subscribe to TeledataICT UNLIMITED Internet services.

How to Earn

Fiber Internet


Click on Join Now to sign up. Submit your name email address and number. You’ll receive your unique Affiliate link in your inbox to access your dashboard.



Share your personalised link with your leads right from your affiliate account. You can share via Email, WhatsApp, SMS, or any social media channel of your choice with pre-filled messages and email templates



After your lead subscribes to TeledataICT UNLIMITED Internet services, earn 10% off per lead. The more you refer leads the more you earn.

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