Access to the internet is a basic human right

Whether you use it for news, shopping or study, access to the internet is a basic human right.

We use it for banking, accessing government, applying for jobs, and even ordering groceries through the world.

Access to the internet is so important that the United Nations say it’s a human right violation for governments to take it away.

This year the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a nonbinding resolution that condemns countries that intentionally take away citizens’ internet access.

Meaning access to the internet is a fundamental human right.

While the UN can’t enforce resolutions legally, they offer guidelines for participating nations. They can use the resolutions to put pressure on any that may have dissenting views.

There are debates all over the world on how necessary the net is. Looking at it from a development point of view, you can see why we all need it. It means more access to information, education and works opportunities for billions the world over.

The UN also called for states to address security issues and ensure freedom and security online. It wants them to recognise the importance of privacy and having a system of accountability for human rights abuses.

The Internet is a basic human right

Rights groups react

Rights group OSCE Media Freedom Representative said the resolution was a “milestone for free expression on the Internet.”

Access Now who also argue that access to the internet is a basic human right, believe the resolution shows governments’ “development and human rights protections are strengthened in tandem when networks remain open, secure, and stable.”

It said internet shutdowns “harm everyone and allow human rights crackdowns to happen in the dark, with impunity,” stopping citizens from fully participating in democratic discourse during elections.

It’s not only the UN saying  access to the internet is a basic human right, back in 2015, US President Barack Obama said: “today, high-speed broadband is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.


Who needs the internet?

According to, only 40 percent of the world’s population has access to the web; that’s about 3.4 billion people.

Here in Ghana the World Bank says as of 2014, internet penetration in the country was at 18.9 per cent. Here at Teledata, we want to increase access to the web further – and good, reliable internet at that!

Access to the internet is a fundamental human right. Once you are online, your world opens up more than you could ever expect!


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