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What is Adware

What is Adware? Adware stands for advertising malware. This an application for which advertising banners are displayed while a program is running. It is present unwanted advertisement using intrusive and at times dangerous methods. They are not always dangerous or pose a threat but the...

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Bandwidth Calculator

Bandwidth Calculator Our previous article showed you what to consider when choosing an ISP, one important element of that was knowing your bandwidth requirements. Just to recap, Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted in a set period of time that is...

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Bandwidth Explained

Bandwidth Explained. What is “bandwidth”? Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted in a set period of time, that is the rate of data supported by the network connection or the interfaces that connect to the network. It represents both volume...

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Teledata Comeback Promotion

Teledata Comeback Promotion Teledata currently has over 2000 business customers and we are known for offering quality service but as an organization, we recognize our shortcomings, over the years we have lost some customers and the churn rate no matter how small matters to us. We have...

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Teledata Fiber-To-The-School Internet at AIS

Teledata Fiber-To-The-School Internet at AIS. Students and faculty at Association International School in Airport Residential Area are now enjoying ultra-fast, reliable Fiber Internet, installed by Teledata. The school has joined millions of people across the world making the switch to Fiber. Teledata connects Association International School...

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What Is a Rootkit

What Is a Rootkit? The term “rootkit” stems from two words melded together: “root,” which refers to accounts with the highest privileges and “kit,” which implies a collection of tools. A rootkit is a type of software that allows a user to gain access (authorized...

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5 Apps You Did Not Know About

5 Apps You Did Not Know About. Here are five useful apps you did not know about that make life simple apps help you save time. Wunderlist Wunderlist takes the concept of to-do lists to the next level. As a cloud-based task-management platform, Wunderlist allows you to...

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What is a Trojan

What is a Trojan? Just like the Greek mythology of a gift offered to the people of Troy which hid their doom, such is the nature of the trojan malware which seeks to conceal attacks on computers. A Trojan is a form of malware that...

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What Is Spyware?

What is Spyware? George R.R. Martin in A Clash of Kings wrote The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome and that rings true for spyware. Most malware obstructs, interfere or destroy your device completely but spyware is completely different, because it specifically goes beyond...

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